Official MPG figures for your car

Official Fuel FiguresThe Vehicle Certification Agency is part of the Department of Transport and provides all the testing for new cars, they also manage the most comprehensive database of car information.

The official Miles Per Gallon figures are made up of two tests: The ECE-15, the urban cycle, which simulates a 2.5 mile trip at an average speed of 11.6 mph and a maximum speed of 31 mph from a cold start and the EUDC, extra urban cycle, which lasts 6 minutes 40 seconds at an average speed of 39 mph and a top speed of 74.6 mph. The combined figures are the average of both tests.

In order to view the official fuel consumption figures for your car click on the link below (opens a new window)

Click here to open a new window to find the fuel figures for your car


Once you have the Official Figures, you will want to compare your actual Miles per Gallon, use this calculator to work out your actual MPG.


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