Top tips to improve your Fuel Economy

Top Tips


  • The best way to save money is to buy your fuel as cheaply as possible, this can be a saving of up to 7p per litre, the best offers are usually at the supermarkets but not always, just keep your eyes open and make a mental note of the prices as you drive, before long you will know where the best value petrol stations are.  Beware – don’t drive too far to get a bargain, the average car gets around six miles to every pound spent on fuel so use a local garage.
  • Keep you car in good condition, a regularly serviced car will be giving you the optimum miles per gallon, up to 5% over a car that has not seen a mechanic for a while.
  • Ensure the tyres are inflated to the correct pressures, as well as wearing out your tyres prematurely there is a 3% saving on your fuel consumption.
  • Drive sensibly, obvious i know but there are real savings to be had here, read the road ahead and keep the car moving as much as you can, slowing the car down does not cost fuel but getting it going again does. Keep your driving style as smooth as possible and stay in as high a gear as possible to keep the revs low, 80mph uses up to 20% more fuel than 65 mph.
  • Warming the car up is simply a waste of money, modern cars are designed to run from cold, on a cold day use de-icer and put a coat on. Keeping the car running when you are parked is bad advice, starting the engine uses only a fraction of the fuel used to keep the engine on, running the electrics in the car does not cost anything when the engine if off as they are powered from the battery which is automatically charged when you are driving along, don’t worry you will not flatten the battery providing you are not there for hours.
  • Air Conditioning is a tricky one, when driving around town at low speeds it will make a large difference to the fuel consumption, up to 10%, but when moving faster there is only a very small reduction in fuel economy. It is actually the weight of the air conditioning unit that is the problem; a car without air conditioning fitted will improve fuel economy considerably.  Tip – Keep the windows down and the air con off on a hot day when driving around town and the other way around when driving faster.
  • If your car is fitted with Cruise control – use it whenever you can, one report showed a 14% increase in fuel consumption.
  • Don’t carry around excess weight in your car or leave the roof box on the car, every 45kg of weight can add 2% onto your fuel consumption, a big pushchair is around 15kg.  The biggest cost on fuel is drag and leaving the roofbox on increases this considerably, even the most streamlined roofbox will reduce your miles per gallon.
  • Buy a new car, some new small cars can offer up to 80 miles per gallon, if you do a regular commute it may well be worth costing it up, for example if you do 15000 miles a year at 30 miles per gallon it will be costing you £3300 per year in fuel, if you can achieve 60 miles per gallon you will be saving £1650 per year.


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